Technical data

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Technical data










Filter types



Air filter cylindrical type



 Filter sizes



Diameters from 120 - 500 mm, heights from 200 - 750 mm






PCS 096SPC control with display



 Time required



Approximately 10 minutes for cleaning and testing depending on the filter size






L x W x H 2,000 x 700 x 2,000 mm



 Compressed air



½ " connection, system pressure 10 bar constant, suction rate of compressor 900 l/min



 Power supply



Connection 3 x 400V / 50 Hz, connected load 1 kW, 16A fuse



 Space required



L x W x H 2,500 x 1,900 x 2,000 mm


Filterjet Filterjettechnologies




800 kg

Filterjet Filterjettechnologies








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