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The Filterjet

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Environmentally sound and cost reducing cleaning of air filters

Filterjet - an innovative, patented system that harmonises aspects of economy and environmental protection.

Air filters in engines clog continuously during operation. Therefore the fuel consumption increases and the power drop. Damaged air filters lead to a higher mechanical wear of the motor. The negative impact is remarkable. Furthermore the emission of particles and hazardous substances is considerably higher with clogged or defect air filters.

Until now air filters were simple consumables. If there was a cleaning, it was conducted by an uncontrolled procedure with an air pressure gun, which leads in most cases to a damaged filter.

With Filterjet owners of vehicle fleets are provided with a technical system that solves many problems at once and is nearly unbeatable under economic aspects. With the Filterjet all operated air filters can be monitored in a regular maintenance, with the following advantages:

  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce filter costs due to extension of operation time
  • Avoid damage of the engine due to reduced mechanical wear
  • Reduce emission of particles and hazardous substances
  • Protection of maintenance staff from noxious dusts
  • Reduce fine dust

Filterjet is a user-friendly system that can be easily operated by any technically experienced employee after a short introduction.

The technology of Filterjet guarantees the control of the cleaning process of air filters including the report of the results. The polluted air filter is checked first in a test chamber for damages with a computer controlled differential pressure measurement method. After that the filter is cleaned with a compressed air injector. To avoid damages the complete process is fully automated and controlled via a sensitive sensor technology. The noxious dusts in the exhaust air are separated in a cyclone and filter system. The process is sealed off completely, therefore the maintenance staff is protected from any injury or harm. At the end a final test is conducted inside the test chamber and the results are reported in a print out

The Filterjet was awarded with numerous international awards. The technology has proven its capability during test runs at accredited institutes and in real life under different climate environments. The owner of vehicle fleets could significantly reduce their operating costs by using Filterjet . The aspect of verified reduction of emission of particles and hazardous substances will be another competitive advantage in the near future with tightened environmental laws.

Prospect as PDF download: Onlineversion (1’076 KB)  Printversion (3’885 KB)

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Filterjet Schweiz - Deutsch - German

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